New currency for events

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Join us when we revolutionize the event market. Become your own ticketing provider and be a part of the largest growing event network.

Diverse Payment Methods

Paypal, Creditcard, Sofort├╝berweisung, Apple Pay, Google Pay

100% Safe

The underlying blockchain technology garantees the full security of every transaction

Distributon of Revenue

Every partner gets their fair and transparent share. No more blind trust in any other party.

Easy Adjustments

Full control over pricing structure, and product availability

Live Accounting

Follow your revenue on our live dashboard to get a feel of how your festival is doing.


Every transaction happening on your festival layed out clearly for you. No more guessing of what happened to your money.

How it Works

Easy setup of your own currency with a few simple clicks. Get started as quick as possible with generating revenue for your event and save the time for the things that really matter at your event: the experience.


Create Currency


Recharge of Currency


Onsite Spending


Distribution of Revenue


We're already heavily testing our product and getting ready for the upcomig festival summer.

August '19


January '20


April '20


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